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26 January 2010 @ 02:38 pm
Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy 4/4  
Title: Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy 4/4
Author: sunshineangel89
Fandom: Private Practice / Grey´s Anatomy
Pairing: Mark/Addison
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and its characters do not belong to me, and this a non-profit fanwork.
Author´s note: I wrote the fic when we didn´t know yet about Sam and Naomi´s Maya. I thought about changing the name but I like it so much so it stayed. So don´t be confused.
Summary: Addison lives in LA now and there´s a doctors congress. She doesn´t know who to expect from Seattle and so she has to worry if her little secret will be discovered.

Chapter 1
, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Mark laid Maya down on the table and was opening her red diaper carefully. He was surprised that Maya didn’t make a noise while he was doing his job. He was very careful and precise because he was afraid of doing something wrong or hurting the little girl. Now it was time for the diaper but Mark played hard to get. With his fingertips he was opening the diaper and pulled it away from Maya.

“Puuhhh, that really doesn’t smell good.” Mark discovered and put the diaper in a hermetically sealed diaper removal bin.

Maya was smiling at him now.

“Na, Sweetie, now you are happy that I took off the diaper, huh?”

Everything was new for Mark but he was brave and it was also a bit fun! He played around with Maya after he had cleaned her little baby bottom. He was scrambling and tickling her very careful and Maya totally enjoyed it. She laughed and crowed the whole time. Before putting a new diaper on Maya he put some cream on her bottom. After that he put her jumpsuit back on and was holding her in his arms so they could look each other in the eyes.

“So Maya what do you think? For the first time it was really good huh?” Mark sang his own praises.

The little girl was smiling and was cuddling her head on his upper part of the body when he noticed that Addison was standing in the door frame.

“Hey Addison, how long have you been standing there? Have I done everything right?” Mark smiled at her but he didn’t get an answer. Addison went up to Mark and cuddled against him next to Maya.

“I missed you!” Addison whispered.

“Oh…okay…” Mark stuttered. He hadn’t seen that coming.

Carefully he was kissing her forehead and then he wrapped his arm around her hips.

“I missed you, too Addie.”

“She likes you!” The redhead said and stroked over Maya’s back.

“Mh I think that’s just a coincidence that she is so nice to me today.”

“No, no normally she is very shy and reserved about others. She just knows exactly who you are!” The redhead explained.

“So? Who am I?” Mark wanted to know.

“Just look at her! I mean the red hair and the nose she has from me but those beautiful grey blue eyes are definitely not coming from me.”

“Addi what are you trying to say?”

“Look Maya is 10 months old, add 9 months pregnancy and we are living in LA for nearly one and a half year now!” Addison said. She wanted him to get it out himself.

“Okay that would mean you didn’t get pregnant in LA. Oh my god Addison, do you want to say that …” Now it was very clear to him. “Do you mean that … I’m her father?”

Addison nodded.

“But that would mean that this happened before our bet?”

“Yeah that’s right!”

“Thank you!” Mark kissed her on the lips.

“For what?” Addison asked when she was back to breath.

“For our little princess here. You and Maya are making me the happiest man in the world and therefore I thank you!” Mark said and yawned because it was still early in the morning.

Addison took his hand and went with him and Maya into her bedroom.

“And what is with the pancakes?” Mark whispered.

“We can heat them again later.” Addison said.

Mark laid down in the middle of the bed. On the right Addison was cuddling against him and on the left he still had Maya in his arm. They enjoyed being together and fell asleep again.

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Kiralea ♥kiizzababy on January 26th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
Awwww very cute!
Steffsunshineangel89 on January 26th, 2010 04:17 pm (UTC)
thx :)