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19 January 2010 @ 08:36 pm
Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy 3/4  
Title: Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy 3/4
Author: sunshineangel89
Fandom: Private Practice / Grey´s Anatomy
Pairing: Mark/Addison
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and its characters do not belong to me, and this a non-profit fanwork.
Author´s note: I wrote the fic when we didn´t know yet about Sam and Naomi´s Maya. I thought about changing the name but I like it so much so it stayed. So don´t be confused.
Summary: Addison lives in LA now and there´s a doctors congress. She doesn´t know who to expect from Seattle and so she has to worry if her little secret will be discovered.

Chapter 1 can be found here

Chapter 3
Slowly Mark awoke from sleep because there was something tickling his nose. Carefully he opened his eyes to take a look on what it was and so he was looking straight into two wonderful grey blue saucer eyes. Maya warped her face for a moment but then she was going on touching his face with her tiny hands.

“Hey, who are you?” Mark asked, sat up and took Maya on his lap.

She wasn’t making any sounds. Normally Mark thought she would start crying any moment because he had such an effect on babies most of the time but that was exactly what she was not doing. Rather she stretched out her fingers to go on touching his upper part of his body. He felt a little prickle as her tiny velvety baby fingers were touching him. Mark heard the radio in the kitchen because it was totally quiet in the living room. He was looking through the room to find out what time it is. It was nearly 7.30 in the morning.

“Come on little girl!” Mark said, and lifted Maya up into his arms and went to the kitchen with her.

Carefully he opened the door and saw Addison standing in front of the cooker. It was a new picture for him.

“Morning Addi, maybe you can tell me who this is?” Mark asked and looked at Maya.

“Oh… sweetheart… what have you done in the living room? So yeah… this is Maya … my daughter.” Addison stuttered shyly because that wasn’t how she planned it to come out.

“Your daughter? Why didn’t you say anything yesterday? It’s possible there must be a dad, too? And what does he said about me staying here over night or no wait, where is he?” Mark was shocked and disappointed that Addison kept that a secret from him.

“He’s not here and don’t be worried because it doesn’t matter to him if you stayed here or not.” Addison lied to him.

“What? Did he leave you?” Mark was really confused now.

“No, no! We broke up maturely. It was the best for everyone,” she said and had no idea why she did it.

“Ah okay.” Mark noticed that she didn’t want to talk about it and so he switched the topic.

“Addison can I put her somewhere?” Mark wanted to know.

“Oh yeah of course, just put her in the high chair.” Addison showed him the chair at the kitchen table.


Mark just wanted to put Maya in the high chair when she started to cry. So he took her back in his arms and she was quiet again. Addison really enjoyed watching the two. Mark looked so sexy only wearing boxer shorts and with Maya in his arms. She wished she could have this view every morning.

“So Addison what are you doing there? Something smells weird.” Mark took her back to reality.

“I don’t think my pancakes smell bad. Maybe you should take a look on that little girl on your arms.” Addison smiled.

“What? You stink?” Mark looked at Maya.

He was moving her so he could smell Maya’s diaper.

“Uhh!” Mark distorted his face.

“I think you were right. Now that’s your turn, Mommy.” He gave her the little girl.

Addison was shaking her head. “I can’t leave right now, otherwise the pancakes get burned. The diaper changing table is in her room. You will find everything else there, too. ” Addison explained.

“Are you serious, Addison?” Mark felt a bit helpless.

“Sure! You can do that.” She smiled and got back to the pancakes.

He was a bit grumpy, but with Maya on his arm he moved to her room. He was awaiting pink wallpapers and princess decoration in this room but when opened the door he got a surprise.

Addison had painted the walls in a slight yellow and there was standing bright furniture in the room, only a colorful flower bordure was silhouetted against the walls. Mark liked it and he found the changing table very fast.

“Okay Maya, we’ll try this now. But don’t be mad at me because this is a first for me. I usually say to myself that the first diaper I’d change will be from a child of Addison and me, but that hasn’t worked so well. Anyway I’ll try my best because I’d do everything for your mom because I love her so much,” Mark said and didn’t notice that Addison was standing in the doorway.
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