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05 January 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Los Angeles, doctors' congress and a happy Daddy 2/4  
Title: Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy 2/4
Author: sunshineangel89
Fandom: Private Practice / Grey´s Anatomy
Pairing: Mark/Addison
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and its characters do not belong to me, and this a non-profit fanwork.
Author´s note: I wrote the fic when we didn´t know yet about Sam and Naomi´s Maya. I thought about changing the name but I like it so much so it stayed. So don´t be confused.
Summary: Addison lives in LA now and there´s a doctors congress. She doesn´t know who to expect from Seattle and so she has to worry if her little secret will be discovered.

Chapter 1 can be found here

Chapter 2

Addison was on her way to the UCLA where the congress would take place. There’s a semester break at the University of California in LA and so they could use the lecture halls for the doctors’ congress. On her way to the university, Addison was thinking about which of her former colleagues would come from Seattle. She arrived at the uni punctually and found the lecture hall where the first reading will take place very quickly. Just follow all the other doctors she said to herself. She was looking for a good place in the middle of the room where she could see and hear everything. She looked through the rows but she couldn’t find anyone from Seattle Grace. The first lecture started exactly at 10 o’clock. After it finished there was a little break for the second breakfast. In the canteen Addison found a great buffet with lots of delicious food. Addison took a chocolate croissant and a vanilla cappuccino because she’d reduced her huge coffee consumption during her pregnancy enormously and she wanted to stay at this consistency. She sat down on one of the free tables and bit into her croissant with pleasure when suddenly someone was tapping on her shoulder.

“Hey Addi!”

Addison felt a shiver run over her back. This voice was so familiar to her. Slowly she turned around.

“Hey … Mark!”

“Is this chair taken yet?” Mark smiled.

“Ehm no, you can sit down.”

“I thought I’d meet you here. You look pretty good. How are you?”

“Thanks. I’m fine. LA is beautiful. How are you? Did you like the first lecture?” Addison asked and took another bite of her croissant.

“I’m good, too. I just arrived and so I didn’t hear the first lecture because my flight was delayed.” He explained to her.

“Oh, okay.”

“Yeah it was a really fast decision too, because everyone had a lot of surgeries to do and Webber said I had to come here. Do you know a good hotel here in LA?”

“There’s the Plaza, the Hilton or the Four Seasons. Why?” Addison was curious.

“Because I don’t have a room yet. Everything was so rapid. Then I’ll try those places.” He said and called the number for information.

While Addison was eating her croissant and sipping at her cappuccino she was watching Mark trying to get a hotel room in LA. So that Mark didn’t get a huge phone bill from his cell, and because she knew that every hotel was booked up months ago from the congress, she took his cell phone and hung up.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“You can stay over at my place if you want. I don’t think that you’ll get a room here for this week.” Addison offered.

“Mm yes, if that’s okay for you?”

“Would I’ve asked you then? If the couch is okay for you then it’ll be okay for me, too.” She explained to him and was hoping that she wouldn’t regret her decision.

“Thanks Addi. That’s fantastic!”

After that was sorted, they went to the other lectures together. She used ‘going to the toilet’ as an excuse for calling Stacy at home to hear if everything was all right. Together the lectures weren’t that boring and in the evening Mark invited her out for dinner as a thank you for letting him stay at her house. Before they were heading home from the restaurant Addison called the babysitter and explained the situation to her. Stacy should watch out for them and when Addison and Mark were leaving the taxi she should go out of the house and wait in the hallway. Addison doesn´t want Mark to know about Maya yet.

When they arrived at the house Addison opened the door to her house and let Mark step in. She told him to take a seat on the couch while she locked the door. As she arrived downstairs Stacy was already waiting for her.

“Thanks for everything Stacy!”

“You’re welcome Dr. Montgomery. We had a really nice day.”

“Get home safe!” Addison said and gave her $20 for the taxi.

“Thank you. See you on Wednesday.”


She closed the house door behind her and Mark stood up. She prepared the couch for him while he was looking around.

“Can I help you?”

“No, thanks. Everything is fine.”

“It’s beautiful Addison. I really like your new home,” he said and suddenly stepped onto a little yellow squeaking duck.

“Oops what do we have here?” Mark wondered and picked up the duck.

“Oh … eh this ... yeah … this is my rubber duck. I got it from a friend.” Addison lied. “Strange, what is it doing here?” Addison smiled shyly and took the duck.

“Ah your rubber duck!” Mark grinned and catches a little side blow from Addison.

“Your bed is ready and the bathroom is back there!” The redhead said and showed him the door before she disappeared in her bedroom together with the squeaking duck.

She extra asked Stacy to put all of Maya’s toys away but that was a close shave!

While Mark was in the bathroom she used the time to take a look on Maya and hoped that she’d sleep through the night …
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