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23 December 2009 @ 03:37 pm
Fan Fiction  
I also finished rewriting my one Maddison FF in english. So i wanna show you the first chapter today :)
Thanks to phoebe for beta reading it!

Title: Los Angeles, doctors’ congress and a happy Daddy
Author: sunshineangel89
Fandom: Private Practice / Grey´s Anatomy
Pairing: Mark/Addison
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and its characters do not belong to me, and this a non-profit fanwork.
Author´s note: I wrote the fic when we didn´t know yet about Sam and Naomi´s Maya. I thought about changing the name but I like it so much so it stayed. So don´t be confused.
Summary: Addison lives in LA now and there´s a doctors congress. She doesn´t know who to expect from Seattle and so she has to worry if her little secret will be discovered.

Chapter 1

By now she had been living in LA for one and a half years. It has been the right decision and she really loves it here. But after her arrival in the City of Angels she found out something that has changed her life forever…

It had been four months since she and Maya moved into that big house in downtown LA. She already bought it some weeks before Maya was born and now they were both living here together.

It was a sunny Sunday evening in Los Angeles and at this time Addison Montgomery and her ten–month-old little daughter Maya were watching a Disney Movie together. Even if the little girl didn’t understand much about the plot of the movie, she was happy to see all of the funny animals and colorful figures which her mom explained to her with their right names. Today they were watching 101 Dalmatians. Maya enjoyed seeing all the different dogs and her mom making funny dog noises for her. She smiled, laughed or just made satisfied noises while enjoying the lovely and comfortable warmth in the lap of her mom.

Addison just loved these moments with her daughter but she also was a bit sad that she couldn’t share these moments with someone.

Now the doctor was thinking about the next day. There would be a big doctors congress at the UCLA. Doctors and surgeons from different places all over the world will meet there to talk about new pharmaceuticals, operation methods or the new progress in medicine. Despite that she was still on maternity leave, she’d gotten an invitation and so she has to be there the following day whether she wants to or not because she has to be up to date if she wants to work as a doctor again. The congress will sit the whole week but Addison’s presence is only requested for the next day and Wednesday because they will be the interesting days for her. Another benefit is that the congress is in LA and so she doesn’t need to fly around the world to attend it. So Addison only needs a babysitter for these two days to take care of Maya while she’s away. Anyway, she wasn’t really in the mood to go to the congress because she was never a big fan of those arrogant and snobbish doctors who thought they would be something better. And in addition she didn’t know whom she would have to await from Seattle Grace. For now, no one knew about Maya except for her colleagues of Oceanside Wellness. She had no idea how they would react about it in Seattle and so she thought it would be better to not tell anyone there. Addison called Callie frequently to find out what was happening in Seattle but she never told her that she had a child.

By now little Maya had fallen asleep in her mother’s arms. Addison lifted her up carefully and put her to bed. The little girl was the spitting image of her mom. She has those sweet little red curls, her mouth and her nose. The only things that reminded Addison of Maya’s dad were her big grey-blue eyes.

“Good night, sweetie!” Addison whispered and placed a little kiss on her forehead.

After Maya was in bed Addison had some time for herself. Usually she either took a hot and relaxing bath or she read a good book. But that night she decided to watch some TV. At about 11pm Addison went to bed because she had to get up early.

The next day Addison got up really early to have breakfast together with Maya. She’s really loved being a mom so far. She’s learnt how to cook and she now washes her clothes herself, except for any of her favourite designer outfits. Every day she cooks for Maya and herself. The previous day, she precooked a meal for Maya so that the babysitter only needed to heat it up. Duly at 8 o’clock the doorbell rang. Addison finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher and then went to the door to open it.

“Good Morning Stacy,” Addison greeted the young woman.

“Good Morning Dr. Montgomery.”

Addison asked her in and closed the door behind her.

“I prepared everything you should need. The meal’s in the fridge, pizza and there’s ice cream in the freezer… and you know the rest. Here is $25 if there’s anything you need,” Addison said and put the money on the kitchen table.

“Alright. You don’t have to worry. Do you know when you’ll be back home by?” The 19-year-old asked.

“I hope I’ll be back by eight. I’ll call you before then as well.”

“Okay so I am in the know. Should Maya already be in bed by then or do you want to bring her to bed?” Stacy wanted to know.

“It’s okay when you do it, in case I come back home later. You can tell her a bedtime story or turn on one of her cd’s. She falls asleep very fast,” Addison explained and the young woman nodded.

“I’ll set off now. If there are any questions or problems you can find the phone numbers on the fridge,” Addison said.

She got her boots on, took her coat, the Gucci bag and grabbed her keys. Then she went to Maya’s room again. The little girl sat on a blanket in the middle of the room and tried to build a tower with her bricks. She smiled as she noticed her mom.

”Hey angel Mommy has to go away for some hours now but Stacy is here with you, ”Addison said, and caressed her and gave her a kiss before she left the room. Maya was looking after her mom because she hadn’t really understood what her mom had said.

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